Eight Treasure Tea

Eight Treasure Tea
Eight Treasure Tea Eight Treasure Tea
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12 g per bag

Eight treasure tea was a traditional drink from the ancient silk road, and has since become popular. In some restaurants in China this tea is served using a kettle with a long (about 3 feet) spout, filled with hot water and poured from 6 ~ 8 feet away. The water travelling through the air cools to the right temperature for the tea. This can be a bit scary when you are sitting next to the targeted cup but the skillful servers never miss their shot - like Japanese Teppanyaki masters catching knives in the air. After the excitement of the pour, the tea tastes wonderful and can be refilled several times.


This blend is a popular one in south east China. There can be many different variations in blending the ingredients. Each ingredient is said to have some health benefits and when they are infused, the ingredients release different tastes at different times so every sip may taste different. This blend has no tea in it so it is caffeine free, but you can add your own tea if you prefer.


Ingredients: rock sugar, tangerine peel, Chinese liquorice, jujube (Chinese date), goji berry (wolfberry), hawthorn berry, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum


Nutrition Facts:

Per 100g


Calories 1270 kj


Protein 0 g


Fat  0g


Carbohydrate  74.7 g


Sodium 17 mg



Some ingredients may cause side effects for some people, so please consult your doctor or herbal professionals before use.


Recommended Steeping Instructions:

Use 1 bag (12 g) per 200 ml (6 oz) water

Steep at 90 ~ 95°C (195 ~ 200°F) for about 1 minute (do not stir, so the sugar will be released in each consecutive infusion), multiple infusions


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