Lemon Green Tea

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Lemon green tea

You can make your own lemon green tea using fresh green tea and lemon. A study by Purdue University shows that by adding lemon catechins are better preserved in green tea, thus boosting antioxidants.(1) Have you tried it? It is simple to make:

1. Make your green tea as usual. You can use the liquor produced from two to three short steepings. Strain the tea from each steeping and keep the liquid.

Option: add 1 slice of fresh ginger to steep in the tea if you prefer a bit of spiciness

2. Add some lemon slices.

3. Add honey or maple syrup if you like.

4. Leave it in the fridge for about an hour. Or add some ice.

5. Add some mint for garnish and serve with ice.

1 Douglas M. Main & Mario Ferruzzi. (2007, November 13). Citrus juice, vitamin C give staying power to green tea antioxidants. Retrieved from Purdue University http://www.purdue.edu/uns/x/2007b/071113FerruzziTea.html

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