Dragonwell (Longjing) Green Tea 2019

Dragonwell (Longjing) Green Tea 2019
Dragonwell (Longjing) Green Tea 2019 Dragonwell (Longjing) Green Tea 2019
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Dragonwell (Longjing) Green Tea

2019 Pre-qingming Tea


From Shifeng, Longjing village (in translation: Lion Peak, Dragonwell Village) near the Xihu (West Lake), Hangzhou, China; the tea was hand picked before April 5, 2019. Yellow-green flat leaves with an inviting nutty aroma. The tea liquid is clear, yellow-green, pure to taste. Shifeng is considered the best of Xihu Longjing.


For further information please see our blog: http://mateasse.com/index.php?route=pavblog/blog&id=16


Recommended Steeping Instructions:

Use about 2~3 g (2~4 tsp) per 200 ml (6 oz) water

Steep 1~2 minutes in 75°C ~ 80°C (167°F ~ 176°F) water

3 infusions

Chinese Style of Steeping (gives a stronger flavour):

Use about 3~5 g per 200 ml water

Steep 3~5 minutes in 90 ~ 95 °C water, use clear glass with no lid, smell and taste

At least 3 infusions


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