Anji White (An Ji Bai Cha) Green Tea 2019

Anji White (An Ji Bai Cha) Green Tea 2019
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Loose Leaf Green Tea. In Chinese it is called "white tea" because the tender tea leaves are almost white. It has a very short production/picking time, usually only one month. It is processed in the same way as green tea. The tea bushes are grown on mountains 800 meters above sea level and are said to be descended from a thousand year old tree. It is richer in amino acids, polyphenols and lesser in caffeine.


Recommended Steeping Instructions:

Use about 2~3 g (2~4 tsp) per 200 ml (6 oz) water

Steep 1~2 minutes in 75 to 80 °C (167 to 176 °F) water

2~3 infusions


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