White Peony Cake (Bai Mudan) White Tea

White Peony Cake (Bai Mudan) White Tea
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White Peony Cake (White Tea)

2012 (Bai Mudan)


Some people prefer aged white tea. It is fuller body in tasting. It is getting popular. This one is only aged two years.


For further information please see our blog: http://mateasse.com/blog/2014/06/15/white-tea/



Recommended Steeping Instructions:

Use about 2~3 g (2~4 tsp) per 200 ml (6 oz) water

Steep 1~2 minutes in 75°C ~ 80°C (167°F ~ 176°F) water

3 infusions

Chinese Style of Steeping:

Use about 3~5 g per 200 ml water

Rinse the tea with hot water and discard the liquid immediately

Steep 1 minutes in 90 ~ 95 °C water, use gaiwan, smell and taste

Alternatively steep 5 minutes in 80°C water

At least 3 infusions


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