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1st steeping 2nd steeping glass mug with strainer pre-qingming-dragonwell fresh-tea-leaves-in-basket silver-needle-tea-plantation 2014 pre-qingming-anji-needle tea-leaves-expand-in-steeping clay-teapot 2014 pre-qingming-longjing-tea-bushes tea-plantation tea-basket steeping-green-tea tea-farm fresh-plucked-tea-leaves dragonwell-tea-plucking premium-loose-leaf-tea xihu-dragonwell-tea-hill pre-qingming-longjing steeping-freshest-green-tea tea leaves after 2nd steeping 3rd steeping
Dragonwell (Longjing) Green Tea
C$23.50 C$19.98
SAVE 15%
Silver Needle (Yin Zhen) White Tea
C$13.00 C$10.00
SAVE 23%
Assam Black Tea (Organic)
C$3.00 C$2.65
SAVE 12%
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