Traditional bracelet with Chinese characters, each represent a star god. The three Chinese characters Fu, Lu, Shou symbolize blessings/fortune, prosperity and longevity. The three symbols cover all aspects of life and what one can wish for and are considered to be good fortune to wear. 

The meander key symbolize infinity and eternal flow of life. The pattern has many derivatives and can be found in many Chinese decorations. The English version of the Chinese characters are engraved on the inside of the band, that is fortune, prosperity and longevity. 

The simplicity and clarity of the bracelet make it a suitable cuff for both men and women. 

The size is S/M with dimension in mm: from 53 x 53 x 10 to 58 x 58 x 10. For men the size start from 63 x 63 x 10. From this we can scale up for you. 

The ideal material is gold, silver or brass. The price is in sterling silver. For other materials please contact us. 

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Cuff Bracelet of Fortune Prosperity Longevity

  • Brand: Mateasse
  • Product Code: B006
  • Availability: 1
  • C$128.00

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