• Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea

Jasmine scented green tea. From Fujian China. Sometimes referred to as Phoenix Dragon Pearl, the leaves are hand rolled resemble that of pearls. This beautifully scented tea was blended by using the unopened jasmine buds picked in the late morning in June and kept cool before evening, then spread over the tea that was harvested in April/May. In the evening the jasmine buds open and the dried green tea absorbs the scent. This process can be repeated using fresh unopened jasmine each time until desired scent is reached. Finally the jasmine flowers were picked out by hand leaving a few for decoration.

Recommended Steeping Instructions:

Use about 2~3 g (1 tsp) per 200 ml (6 oz) water

Steep 1~2 minutes in 75°C ~ 85°C (167°F ~ 185°F) water

2~3 infusions

Chinese Style of Steeping:

Use about 3~5 g per 200 ml water

Steep 3~5 minutes in 90 ~ 95 °C water, use clear glass with no lid, smell and taste

At least 3 infusions

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Jasmine Dragon Pearl Green Tea

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