Mini-cakes of compressed osmanthus-blended big leaf puer(h) tea from Yunan, approx. 4g. each, individually wrapped. This tea is described as "shou" in Chinese, sometimes translated as ripe, indicating the fermentation and aging process has been artificially enhanced for earlier maturing of the product. The brewed tea is brownish-red and clear, with a hint of osmanthus.

For more info about pu-erh and hei cha see

Recommended Steeping Instructions:

Use 1 pc per 200 ml (6 oz) water

Rinse the tea with hot water (100°C) and discard the liquid immediately

Steep at 100°C (212°F) for 25 seconds, multiple infusions

Increase steeping time 5 ~ 10 seconds with each additional steeping

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Osmanthus Pu-erh Tea

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