• Anhua Hei Cha

Hunan Anhua China. Selected from top raw material and it has gone through complex process all completed by hand. It is processed during the hot summer days. During the course of fermentation, a beneficial bacteria Eurotium cristatum (small golden flowers) came into being. Amber and full-bodied, it tastes pure and slightly sweet. No strong fermented flavor like other pu-erh tea. It is said to be the mystery tea on ancient Chinese Silk Road. Aged since 2011. This tea ages well like wine.

For more info about pu-erh and hei cha see http://mateasse.com/blog/2014/09/05/puer-heicha/

Recommended Steeping Instructions:

Best to use ceramic teapot.

Use about 3~5 g (2~4 tsp) per 200 ml (6 oz) water

Rinse the tea with hot water (100°C) and discard the liquid immediately

Steep at 100°C (212°F) for 25 seconds, multiple infusions

Increase steeping time 5 ~ 10 seconds with each additional steeping

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Anhua Hei Cha

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